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Frederick Victor Butterfield (28 February 1864 – 9 March 1974)[1] of Harrogate, England became the world's oldest man on 5 May 1973 after the death of Friedrich Wedeking. He was succeeded by the now disputed case of Shigechiyo Izumi. Born at Thirsk, he qualified as a chemist in 1885 after training for five years.[2] He retired from pharmacy at the age of 99, according to the 1974 Guinness World Records. However he continued to own his pharmacy until 1970, when his son died.[2] An electroencephalogram was performed on Butterfield before his death. The doctors concluded that his brain activity was comparable to a healthy person aged 70–75.[3]

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Preceded by
Friedrich Wedeking
Oldest recognized living man
5 May 1973 – 9 March 1974
Succeeded by
Jean Teillet
Preceded by
Elizabeth Watkins
Oldest person in the United Kingdom
31 October 1973 – 9 March 1974
Succeeded by
Rose Heeley