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Coordinates: 39°24′49″N 77°24′47″W / 39.413701°N 77.413082°W / 39.413701; -77.413082

Frederick City Police Department
Abbreviation FPD
Agency overview
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* State of Maryland, United States
Frederick County Maryland Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Frederick Highlighted.svg
Fredercick City Police Districts
Size 57.50 km²
Population 68,400
Legal jurisdiction Frederick, Maryland
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters 100 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701
Officers 141
Agency executive Edward Hargis, Chief of Police
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

The Frederick City Police Department (FPD) is a law enforcement organization that provides police services to the city of Frederick, Maryland, the second-largest city in that state. The department is organized into several divisions, and is responsible for policing more than 68,000 people in a land area of 22.9 square miles. FPD is headed by Edward Hargis, who was appointed Chief of Police in July 2015, replacing outgoing Chief Thomas Ledwell who had resigned in September 2014.


In 1745, Daniel Dulany, a lawyer and land developer, founded "Frederick town" on a feeder creek of the Monocacy River. Frederick became incorporated in 1817 and had a population of 3,640. Four town constables were appointed that year to provide security on the streets and enforce animal laws.

1858 is the year the Police Department was created and organized. At that time, there was a captain and two constables. The department staff eventually increased the following years and quickly followed other major cities models.[1]


The department has an authorized strength of 144 sworn officers and about 40 civilians, and is composed of several divisions that provide police services around the clock to the city.[2] According to its website, the department "is a progressive, innovative, and community oriented agency committed to combating crime and ensuring the city of Frederick has an exceptional quality of life." Its headquarters are located just outside the Frederick County courthouse on West Patrick Street. Like many law enforcement agencies across the country, community policing is an important part of its core services provided to the citizens of Frederick.

FPD also has an auxiliary unit composed of uniformed volunteer officers to supplement regular officers. Auxiliary officers perform essential support duties and assist sworn police officers in their daily activities as well as during special events.


FPD has its own police academy, certified by the Maryland Training Police Commission. The department trains not only its own officers, but also cadets from surrounding jurisdictions including the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, the Washington County Sheriff's Office and the Brunswick Police Department. Additionally, the academy periodically trains prospects for the auxiliary police force.


FPD seems to heavily use Chevy Impalas for regular patrol although the department has included the new Ford cars (Interceptor and Utility) in recent months (2015) into its fleet.

Ford Police Utility.jpg

Recent misconducts[edit]

In October 2010 Officer Megan Mattingly resigned after it was alleged that she had lied under oath in court.[3]

In March 2012 Officer Robert Pierce was arrested after he crashed his patrol car into a guardrail. He was believed to have been driving under the influence when he lost control of the car on U.S. 15 at Jefferson Street, and was off duty at the time.[4] He was sentenced to 2 years of unsupervised probation and 48 hours of community service.[5]

In June 2012 Frederick Police Corporal Martin Holt, who was an assistant supervisor of the midnight shift, was charged with assaulting his live-in girlfriend by hitting her several times in the chest and once in the back, according to the Frederick Police Department.[6] He was sentenced to Probation before Judgement.

In October 2013, Officer Charity Faith Hoxie agreed to resign from the department and "not work in law enforcement for three years." This was part of a deal that suspended charges against her for using stolen gift cards in nearby Hagerstown.[7]

In April 2014, Officer Benjamin Whitmore pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting his girlfriend, who was also a Frederick City Police Officer.[8] He was sentenced to Probation Before Judgement, with 18 months of supervised probation. He ran into trouble again in February 2015 when he was taken into custody by Washington County deputies after a brief chase in Hagerstown. He was reportedly intoxicated.[9]

In June 2015, Officer Deborah Kidwell was arrested in the Boonsboro area by Washington County deputies after a vehicle accident. She was charged with DUI offense.[10] She was sentenced to Probation Before Judgement.

Line of duty deaths[edit]

Two members of this department have died in the line of duty. Officer John H. Adams was shot on August 9, 1922.

Officer Richard Mark Bremer died in a traffic accident on October 23, 2008 after a chase.[11]

On May 2, 2016 the Frederick Police Department held a memorial service for 5 officers who were killed in the line of duty. It included the two officers listed above, as well as three others. The information below comes from the Frederick Police Department's Facebook Page:

1880- Henry Adams- Adams was hired as a Special Police Officer for the elections in 1879. While at the polling place a fight broke out. Someone struck Henry Adams from behind with a brick wrapped in a bandana. Officer Adams died of his injuries in the spring of 1880. His son (John H. Adams) was 4 years old at the time.

September 7, 1921 Sgt. Lewis F. Carter-Carter suffered a heart attack while testifying during a court trial and died.

August 9, 1922 Officer John H. Adams- Officer Adams was killed by William A. Stultz when coming to the aid of Sheriffs Deputies. The Deputies were shot by Shultz while attempting to take possession of a vehicle which had been levied. Officer Adams and Officer Walsh arrived on scene; Officer Adams attempted to contact Shultz when he was struck in the neck with a shotgun blast through the front door. Officer Adams was shot in the right side, just above the shoulder. He died before he reached the hospital. Officer Walsh crawled alongside the house and fired his weapon in the direction he thought the shot come from. When Shultz was taken into custody he was found to have been struck in the hip by one of the rounds fired by Officer Walsh. November 10, 1922, at about 1830 hours William A. Schultz was hanged for the murder of Officer Adams.

February 11, 1962(possible date)- Sgt. Harry P. Phillips died during the early morning hours after being struck in the chest during a struggle to apprehend a prisoner from an assault that occurred in the 200 block of West Patrick Street. The Sgt apparently suffered a heart attack inside his police patrol cruiser while en route to Frederick Memorial hospital.

October 23, 2008 Officer First Class Richard “Mark” Bremer- Officer Bremer was killed in an automobile collision while pursuing a suspected drunk driver who refused to stop. Officer Bremer was pursuing James Franklin Sweeney Jr. for a traffic violation in the 400 block of West Patrick Street. It was determined Sweeney had outstanding theft warrants. During the pursuit Officer Bremer lost control of his patrol vehicle and crashed in the wooded area in the area of the 400 block of East South Street. Responding officers located his wrecked cruiser minutes later. The suspect was located at a nearby hotel and arrested on outstanding warrant. Sweeney received 9 years of incarceration and 2.5 years of probation.

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