Frederick E. Hyde Fjord

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Frederick E. Hyde Fjord
Frederick E. Hyde Fjord is located in Greenland
Frederick E. Hyde Fjord
Frederick E. Hyde Fjord
Location in Greenland
Location Arctic
Coordinates 83°04′N 31°15′W / 83.067°N 31.250°W / 83.067; -31.250Coordinates: 83°04′N 31°15′W / 83.067°N 31.250°W / 83.067; -31.250
Ocean/sea sources Wandel Sea, Arctic Ocean
Basin countries Greenland
Max. length 140 km (87 mi)
Max. width 7 km (4.3 mi)

Frederick E. Hyde Fjord is a fjord in Peary Land, far northern Greenland.


To the east Frederick E. Hyde Fjord opens into the Arctic Ocean with its mouth just to the north of Cape John Flagler.[1]

Freja Fjord, Thor Fjord and Odin Fjord are branches on the southern shore of the fjord, about 65, 95 and 120 km from the mouth respectively; Frigg Fjord is an offshoot on the northern shore located 95 km from the mouth.[2]

The 1,220 m high Nordkronen plateau is located on the southern side of Frederick E. Hyde Fjord. The Nordkronen has many glaciers and is intersected by deep ravines with steep sides. 1,737 m high Wistar Bjerg, one of the highest points in Peary Land, rises above the fjord between the Freya and Thor fjords at the edge of the plateau.[3]

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