Frederick Grace

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For the cricketer, see Fred Grace.
Olympic medal record
Men's Boxing
Gold medal – first place 1908 London Lightweight

Frederick "Fred" Grace (29 February 1884 – 23 July 1964) was a lightweight boxer. At the 1908 Olympic Games he became British and European professional champion.


Born in Edmonton, Middlesex, he first became a boxer at Eton Mission Boxing Club. From that time to the Olympics in 1908 he never won a single title.

After the Games, Grace went on to win four ABA lightweight titles between 1909 and 1920. However, boxing was banned from the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm and Grace was unable to defend his title. By 1920 he was 36 years old and at the Olympics in Antwerp he won just one bout in the lightweight class before being eliminated by the eventual winner of the title, Samuel Mosberg, of the US.

Grace worked as a heating engineer for most of his life and retired in 1949. He died on 23 July 1964 at Ilford, Essex, aged 80, after being struck by a car while out walking.