Frederick IV, Count of Zollern

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Friedrich IV, Count of Zollern
Born c. 1188
Died c. 1255
Noble family House of Hohenzollern
Father Friedrich I, Burgrave of Nuremberg
Mother Sophia of Raabs

Count Friedrich IV of Zollern (c. 1188c. 1255), also known as Burgrave Friedrich II of Nuremberg, was Burgrave of Nuremberg from 1204 to 1218 and Count of Zollern from 1218 until his death.


Friedrich IV was the younger son of Friedrich I of Nuremberg-Zollern (c.  1139c. 1200) and his wife Sophia of Raabs (died c. 1218) . After his father's death, he was appointed as his successor as Burgrave of Nuremberg. In 1218, Friedrich and his older brother Conrad I divided their inheritance: Conrad received the Franconian possessions and became Burgrave of Nuremberg; Friedrich received the ancestral County of Zollern. He is considered the founder of the Swabian line of the House of Hohenzollern.

He died c. 1255 and was succeeded as Count of Zollern by his son Friedrich V (died 24 May 1289).

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Frederick IV, Count of Zollern
Born: c. 1188 Died: c. 1255
Preceded by
Friedrich III
Burgrave of Nuremberg
Succeeded by
Conrad I
Count of Zollern
Succeeded by
Friedrich V