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Frederick Law Olmsted School, also known as PS 64 Frederick Law Olmsted, is the gifted and talented program for the Buffalo Public Schools. It houses two schools, an elementary and middle/high school within the district.


The school, named for the landscape architect of the same name, houses the district's gifted and talented program. The program was previously limited to elementary grades but has since grown to include high school students as well. The school program was initiated in 1978[1] and opened in 1981 as part of the desegregation plan implemented by the Buffalo Public Schools. The elementary school building is typically located at the corners of Lincoln Parkway and Amherst Street. The middle and high schools are located at the former Kensington High School building, now called Olmsted at Kensington, on Suffolk Street.

The program was originally spread across as many as three buildings, with Grades PreK-2 being housed at School 64, 3 and 4 at the former Holy Angels Church at 440 West Avenue, and 5-8 at School 56 at 716 West Delavan Avenue.[2] In 1994, due to an expiration of a lease with Holy Angels Church, grades 3-4 were shifted to Red Jacket Academy at 911 Abbott Road[3] A proposal to house the school at the former H. H. Richardson Complex near Buffalo State College[1] was proposed in the mid-1990s but never came to fruition.

After the school developed its high school program, Grades PreK through 4 moved to the Lincoln site, and Grades 5 through 8 at the program's high school site.


Frederick Law Olmsted
874 Amherst Street

New York

United States
School number64
PrincipalParette U. Walker
Hours in school day7
Color(s)Crimson, white & gold
Team nameOlmsted Owls

The elementary campus for Frederick Law Olmsted is located at 874 Amherst Street and serves Grades PreK through 4. The current principal is Mrs. Nora Trincanati, and the current assistant principal is Mrs. Parette Walker.

Former principals[edit]

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Dr. Judith Ricca–1981-1997 (Principal - School 56, placed on assignment[4])
  • Kathleen Campbell–1994-1997 (Assistant Principal - Frederick Law Olmsted 64,[5] named Principal of Waterfront Elementary School[4])
  • John A. Nowicki–1997-2000 (Assistant Principal - Frederick Law Olmsted Elementary,[4] retired)
  • Michael V. Gruber–2000-2011 (Assistant Principal - Frederick Law Olmsted 56, named Principal of Frederick Law Olmsted High School)

High school[edit]

Frederick Law Olmsted at Kensington
319 Suffolk Street



United States
School number156
PrincipalLTM Jay
Color(s)          Crimson & White & Gold
MascotOllie the Owl
Team nameOwls

The middle/high school (formally known as Frederick Law Olmsted at Kensington) is located at 319 Suffolk Street and serves Grades 5-12. The current principal is Michael Gruber. The assistant principals are James A. Fredo and Leslie R. Potempa.

* Denotes interim appointment



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