Frederick Nutter Chasen

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Frederick Nutter Chasen
Born Frederick Nutter Chasen
Suffolk, England
Died 12 February 1942
Nationality British
Occupation Ornithologist, Zoologist
Spouse(s) Agnes H McCullock (1926-38)
Kathleen Matilda Michael
Children Heather Jean Chasen
Christine Elizabeth Chasen

Frederick Nutter Chasen (1896 – 13 February 1942) was an English zoologist.

Chasen was appointed Assistant Curator of the Raffles Museum in Singapore in 1921, and Director in 1932 in succession to Cecil Boden Kloss. He was an authority on Southeast Asian birds and mammals. He prepared the third and fourth volumes of Herbert Christopher Robinson's The Birds of the Malay Peninsula.

He died when attempting to flee Singapore early in 1942, following Japanese forces' occupation of the island, when the vessel he was on, the converted coastal steamer H.M.S. Giang Bee, was sunk on 13 February 1942 by enemy action. He was survived by his two daughters, actress Heather and Elizabeth.[1]


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