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Frederick Adolphus Philbrick

Frederick Adolphus Philbrick (13 June 1835 – 25 December 1910)[1][2] was a lawyer and an early British philatelist.

He was one of the founders of the "Philatelic Society, London", which later became the Royal Philatelic Society London. He was its first Vice-President and was President of the Society between 1872 and 1892.

Philbrick was also an honorary member of the Fiscal Philatelic Society.

Two pseudonyms used by Philbrick in his philatelic writing were, An Amateur and Damus Petimusque Vicissim (the motto of British Guiana).[3]

Born in Colchester, England, he was the son of a lawyer and had a successful legal career, eventually becoming a Judge.[1]

He was named as one of the "fathers of philately" on the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists.


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  • "Notes on the Proofs and Essays of Great Britain" in Stamp Collectors Magazine, 1868.

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