Frederick River

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Name origin: Frederick Roe, the son of John Septimus Roe
Country Australia
State Western Australia
Regions Gascoyne, Pilbara
Part of Gascoyne River catchment
 - left Mulga Wash
Source Kenneth Range
 - elevation 488 m (1,601 ft)
 - coordinates 23°56′59″S 117°9′57″E / 23.94972°S 117.16583°E / -23.94972; 117.16583
Mouth confluence with the Lyons River
 - location Cobra Station homestead, Gascoyne
 - elevation 357 m (1,171 ft)
 - coordinates 24°11′17″S 116°36′20″E / 24.18806°S 116.60556°E / -24.18806; 116.60556Coordinates: 24°11′17″S 116°36′20″E / 24.18806°S 116.60556°E / -24.18806; 116.60556
Length 77 km (48 mi)

The Frederick River is a river that is located in the Gascoyne and Pilbara regions of Western Australia.

The headwaters of the river rise in the Kenneth Range. The river flows in a south-westerly direction, joined by one minor tributary until it reaches its confluence with the Lyons River near Cobra Station homestead. The river descends 131 metres (430 ft) over 89 kilometres (55 mi) course.[2]

The river was named in 1866 by the explorer Edward Hooley who was on expedition in the area after Frederick Roe, the son of John Septimus Roe.[1]

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