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Frederick Sterner (1862–1931) was a British born American architect.

Born in London, Sterner moved to the United States with his father Julius at age 14. He worked as a draftsman with the Chicago architect Frank E. Edbrooke and had a thirty-year (c1880-1910) career in Colorado, working with Ernest Varian. Varian retired in 1910. He also designed country homes on Long Island.[1]

Sterner moved to New York City where he is lauded for his renovations of brownstones in the Gramercy Park neighborhood.[2][3] Sterner's protégés included the New York architect Rosario Candela.

A number of Sterner's buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places including the Greenbrier Hotel, Daniels & Fisher Tower, Briarhurst, Minnequa Steel Works Office Building and Dispensary and Glen Eyrie.

Sterner died in 1931 in Rome.[4]



NRHP-listed works (with variation in attribution) are:


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