Frederick Vincent Theobald

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F. V. Theobald
Frederick Vincent Theobald in L.O. Howard, A history of applied entomology. Wellcome L0014074.jpg

Frederick Vincent Theobald (1868 - 6 March 1930) was an English entomologist.

Theobald was the author of a vast monograph, in six volumes, on the Diptera, A Monograph of the Culicidae of the World (1901-1910). His collections are in Glasgow.

Other works[edit]

  • An account of British flies (Diptera), E. Stock: London. 1892.
  • The mosquitoes or Culicidae of Jamaica, Institute of Jamaica: Kingston. 1905
  • A text-book of agricultural zoology, William Blackwood: Edinburgh & London. 1899.

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