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Frederick Walton

Frederick Edward Walton (13 March 1834[1] – 16 May 1928),[2] was an English manufacturer and inventor whose invention of Linoleum in Chiswick[3] was patented in 1863.[4] He also invented Lincrusta in 1877.

Early life[edit]

Walton was born in 1834, near Halifax.

Invention of Linoleum[edit]

In 1860, he established an experimental factory in Chiswick where he worked on oxidisation of linseed oil, fr which he was granted a patent in 1860.[4]. He experimented with the oxidized oil as a replacement for rubber and in 1863 patented this new material.[4] Walton called this new cloth "linoleum".[3] He moved his factory for Staines, and in 1864, formed the Linoleum Manufacturing Company[5] and by 1869 the factory in Staines was exporting to Europe and the United States.[6]

Expansion to America[edit]


Walton obtained further patents for processes related to the production of linoleum. In 1863, he patented a method of passing sheets of coloured linoleum through rollers to emboss a pattern on them. In 1882, he patented machinery to make inlaid mosaic floor coverings. He also invented a number of related products, most notably Lincrusta, an embossed wall-covering base on linoleum, launched in 1877.[3]


Walton died in 1928, aged 94.


In 1867, Walton married Alice Scruby.[7] They had four children:

  • Olive Mary Walton. Born 1871.[8] Author and Photographer. Married Herbert Vivian in 1897.
  • Frederick James Walton, born 1877.[9]
  • Clarice Walton, born 1879.[9]
  • Violet Walton.[10]


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