Frederick of Montbéliard

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Frederick of Montbéliard, Margrave of Turin
Died 29 June 1091
Noble family House of Bar
Spouse(s) Agnes of Savoy
Father Louis of Montbéliard
Mother Sophie, Countess of Bar

Frederick of Montbéliard or Frederick of Mömpelgard (died 29 June 1091) was from a noble family in Lotharingia. Through marriage he became margrave of Turin (1080–1091).

Frederick was a younger son of Count Louis of Montbéliard (died 1071) and Sophie, Countess of Bar. He is documented in Italy from 1071 onwards as a witness to the charters of Beatrice of Bar and her daughter Matilda of Tuscany, to whom he was related via his mother.[1]

In 1080 Frederick married Agnes of Savoy, daughter of Peter I, Count of Savoy. Agnes was her father’s heir and after marrying Agnes, Frederick was invested with the title of margrave of Turin.[2] He ruled only nominally, as real power remained in the hands of Agnes’ grandmother, Adelaide of Susa. Frederick was presumably expected to succeed Adelaide, but he died before her in June 1091.[3]


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Frederick of Montbéliard
Preceded by
Peter I
Margrave of Turin
With: Adelaide