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Fredericton City Council
Coat of arms of Fredericton
Founded March 30, 1848 (1848-03-30)[1]
Mayor or Fredericton
Brad Woodside[2], non-partisan
Since May 14, 2012
Deputy Mayor of Fredericton
Dan R. Keenan[3], non-partisan
Seats 13
Fredericton Council Chamber committees Development Committee,Community Services Committee,Finance and Administration Committee,Information Technology Committee,Planning and Priorities Committee,Public Safety and Environment Committee,Transportation,Planning Advisory Committee,Preservation Review Board,Riverfront Advisory Committee,Tree Commission,Working Committee on Community/University Relations[4]
Length of term
4 years[5]
Last election
May 14, 2012
Meeting place
Fredericton Council Chamber
Fredericton City Hall
Fredericton, New Brunswick

The Fredericton City Council is the municipal governing body of the city of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

The twelve members of the mayor-council meets at Fredericton City Hall in the Fredericton Council Chamber. Each member is elected for a four-year term to represent one ward.[6]

Current City Council[edit]

Councillor Ward
Woodside, BradBrad Woodside Mayor
Keenan, Dan R.Dan R. Keenan Deputy Mayor, 1 (Douglas Area)
Grandy, Bruce N.Bruce N. Grandy 2 (Nashwaaksis Area)
O'Brien, MichaelMichael O'Brien 3 (Fulton Heights/North Devon Area)
Megarity, EricEric Megarity 4 (South Deveon Area)
Hicks, StevenSteven Hicks 5 (Marysville)
Kerton, MarilynMarilyn Kerton 6 (Barker's Point Area)
McConaghy, ScottScott McConaghy 7 (Lincoln Area)
Ericson, GregGreg Ericson 8 (Skyline Area)
Chase, Stephen A.Stephen A. Chase 9 (Odell Park/Parkside Drive Area)
Levac, LeahLeah Levac 10 (Sunshine Gardens/West End Area)
Rogers, KateKate Rogers 11 (UNB/East End Area)
Kelly, David A. J.David A. J. Kelly 12 (Silverwood/Garden Creek Area)


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