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Fredericton Police
Force policière de Fredericton
Logo of the Fredericton Police
Agency overview
Formed June 27, 1851
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Legal jurisdiction Municipal
General nature
Operational structure
Sworn members 113[1]
Elected officer responsible The Honourable Robert Trevors, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General
Agency executive Leanne Fitch, Acting, Chief of Police
Official website

Fredericton Police is the police force for the City of Fredericton, New Brunswick.


Fredericton Police was created on June 27, 1851. One Police Officer was hired (unpaid) to patrol wards. Their first unofficial Chief of Police was Sgt. Paul Phillips. City Council never allowed him to utilize the name "Chief of Police." The first official Chief of Police was George Winter (September 1908) and retained the position for only 8 months.

In 1883, the Fredericton Police relocated its headquarters in what is now the City of Fredericton's City Hall and remained there till 1971. Again, the Fredericton Police relocated its office in 1971 to York Street which shared the building with the Fredericton Fire Department. Since 1983, the Fredericton Police Force is located at 311 Queen Street in downtown Fredericton.

In 1973, the Fredericton Police hired its first female police officer, Shirley Jollimore.


The Fredericton Police Force was established on June 27, 1851 and consisted of one unpaid police officer who patrolled various wards in the city.

Following is a list of the Chief of Police from 1908 to present day:

George Winter was the first Chief of Police, and served from September 2, 1908 to May 5, 1909.

John HAWTHORNE - June 2, 1909 to November 8, 1912

John H. McCOLLOM - November 11, 1912 to July 31, 1916

W. H. Finley - August 16, 1916 to May 31, 1922

Nathanial Jones - July 3, 1922 to 1945

J. D. O'Connell - 1946-1954

Alfred Barker - 1955-1957

Bryce Neely - 1957-1972

Ronald Goodyear - 1972-1976

Lionel Poirier - 1976-1970

Gordon "Mac" Carlisle - 1980-2005

Barry D. McKnight - 2005-2012

Leanne J. Fitch - 2013–Present

In 1913, the police force consisted of:

1 Chief - John McCollom;

1 Sergeant - William Duncan;

1 Detective - James Roberts

3 Constables - William Hughes; Leslie R. Nason; and Charles H. Marshall


The firearms are SIG Sauer P226


Operations of Fredericton Police includes:

  • Special Teams
  • Explosives Disposal Unit
  • Marine Section
  • Police Service Dogs
  • Victim/Witness Unit
  • Auxiliary Police
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Underwater Recovery Team
  • Collision Reconstruction

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