Frederik Vilhelm August Meinert

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Frederik Vilhelm August Meinert (1833, in Copenhagen – 1912), was a Danish entomologist and editor of the first series of Entomologiske Meddelelser.

Meinert initially studied theology . Later he was a pupil of Jørgen Matthias Christian Schiødte and he too became Inspektor at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen. Meinert specialised in comparative anatotomy and histology mainly of Malacostraca and Pycnogonida .


  • Symbolæ ad monographiam Cymotharum Crustaceorum Isopodum familiæ (1879) with Schiødte
  • Fluernes munddele trophi dipterorumKjobenhavn: H. Hagerups boghandel (1881).
  • Crustacea malacostraca. Det Videnskabelige Udbytte af Kanonbaaden "Hauchs" Togter 3: 147–230 (1890)
  • Pycnogonida: af Fr. Meinert. Bianco Luno (1899)

Species named for him are Clypeoniscus meinerti Giard & Bonnier, 1895, Laothoes meinerti Boeck, 1871, Paralaophonte meinerti(Brady, 1899) and Neosarmatium meinerti(De Man).


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