Frederiksberg IF

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Frederiksberg IF
Founded 1913
Arena Frederiksberghallen
Capacity 1,767
Head coach Jesper Monrad
League Danish Handball League
Club colours          
Team colours
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Frederiksberg IF is a Danish sports club based in Frederiksberg. The women's handball team has won the Danish Danish Women's Handball League 15 times.[1] The club has raised a host of A-national team players on both sides, with Camilla Andersen, Mette Vestergaard, Bo Spellerberg and Kasper White as the currently most prominent.

Men's current squad[edit]

  • Denmark Frederik Kjær Andersson
  • Denmark Nicklas Kofoed
  • Denmark Nicklas Møller
  • Denmark Donald Hammervig Bendtsen
  • Denmark Christian Larsen
  • Denmark Jesper Driver
  • Denmark Rasmus Abrahamsen
  • Denmark Christian Bentsen
  • Denmark Emil Jakobsen
  • Denmark Casper Wager
  • Denmark Jonas Lokken
  • Denmark Jens Nyhuus
  • Denmark Jeppe Jonasson
  • Denmark Nicklas Saad
  • Denmark Ulrik Knudsen


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