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Type of site
Online Store
Owners Keith Carollo and Chris Bick
Slogan(s) stay cute!
Registration optional was an online store named after Fred Astaire located in Brooklyn, New York started in 1998 by owners Chris Bick & Keith Carollo. Originally selling beverage coaster off the back of a bicycle in SoHo, New York,[1] Fred Flare sold a variety of items including accessories, men's and women's clothing, stationery and home decor. The company sold many different brand names, such as products from Deborah Lippmann, Volcom, Kid Robot, Lomography & Chronicle Books.[2] Notable people such as Amy Sedaris have also done guest product lines for the company.[3] In 2008, a Fred Flare store opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn[4] but closed in 2011.

Fred Flare Boombox[edit]

The Fred Flare Boombox is an original site that allows the shopper to listen to music from its "boombox" at the bottom of their site. The "boombox" has music ranging from indie, alternative dance and pop music. Most of the music found is from unknown bands.


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