Fredholm (crater)

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Crater Fredholm area.png
Area of Fredholm Crater
Coordinates 18°24′N 46°30′E / 18.4°N 46.5°E / 18.4; 46.5Coordinates: 18°24′N 46°30′E / 18.4°N 46.5°E / 18.4; 46.5
Diameter 14 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 314° at sunrise
Eponym Erik I. Fredholm

Fredholm is a small lunar impact crater that is located in the rugged ground to the west of the Mare Crisium. It lies midway between the prominent craters Macrobius to the north and Proclus almost due south.

This is a circular, symmetrical formation with a bowl-shaped interior. The inner walls gradually slope down towards the small, central floor, which is less than one quarter the total diameter of the crater. Neatly attached to the northern rim is the smaller Macrobius E. Fredholm was also a satellite crater of Macrobius, being designated Macrobius D before being given a name by the IAU.

Southwest of the crater are nearby satellite craters of Proclus, going nearly west are ordered from W to Z.


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