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Frederick Chien
Chien Foo
T2009PressConference 20080225 Fredrick Chien.jpg
Frederick Chien during a 2009 press conference for the Deaflympics
President of Control Yuan
In office
1 February 1999 – 1 February 2005
Preceded by Wang Tso-yung
Succeeded by Wang Chien-shien
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China
In office
1 June 1990 – 10 June 1996
Preceded by Lien Chan
Succeeded by John Chiang
ROC Representative to the United States
In office
19 November 1982 – 25 August 1988
Preceded by Cai Weiping
Succeeded by Ting Mao-shih
Personal details
Born 17 February 1935 (1935-02-17) (age 82)
Hangzhou, Chekiang, China
Nationality Republic of China
Political party Kuomintang
Relations Shu Chien (brother)
Chien Shih-Liang (father)
Carl Chien (son)
Alma mater National Taiwan University
Yale University
Profession Diplomat and politician

Frederick Chien, or Chien Foo (Chinese: 錢復; pinyin: Qián Fù; born 17 February 1935), was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China on Taiwan from 1990 to 1996 and president of the Control Yuan from 1999 to 2005.[1]


The son of Chien Shih-Liang, a chemist and educcator, and grandson of a justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of China, Chien is known as one of the "four princes of Taiwan" along with Chen Li-an, Lien Chan, and Shen Chun-shan, all of whose fathers attained prominence in politics prior to their sons' successes.[2] He attended National Taiwan University as an undergraduate, graduating in 1956. He went on to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, where he earned his M.A. (1959) and Ph.D. (1962) in international relations.[1] He wrote his thesis on Qing Dynasty China's diplomacy in Joseon Dynasty Korea during the opening of Korea, focusing on the period between the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1876 until the 1885 Convention of Tientsin.[3]


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