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Fredrick Richard Senanayake (known to as F. R. Senanayake ) (October 20, 1882 – January 1, 1926)[1] was a Ceylonesen lawyer, legislator and independence activist. A leading member of the Sri Lankan independence movement, he was a member of the Legislative Council of Ceylon. His brother Don Stephen Senanayake took his place in the Legislative Council following his death in 1926. D.S. Senanayake would go on to lead Sri Lanka's independence movement, becoming the first Prime Minister of independent Sri Lanka in 1947.[2]

Early life and education[edit]

D.S. Senanayake, with brother-in-law F.H. Dias-Bandaranaike, brothers Don Charles and Don Stephen, sister Maria Frances, father Mudaliyar Don Spater, and mother Dona Catherina Elizabeth Perera. (circa. 1902)

Born in the village of Botale, in the Hapitigam Korale to Mudaliyar Don Spater Senanayake and Dona Catherina Elizabeth Perera Gunasekera Senanayake. His brothers where Don Charles Senanayake and Don Stephen Senanayake.

Educated at S. Thomas' College, Mutwal,[3] Royal College, Colombo and Downing College, Cambridge, he became a Barrister at the Lincoln’s Inn, London in 1905.[4]


He married Ellen Attygalle, and they had eight children. His eldest son Richard Gotabhaya Senanayake went on to become a member of parliament and Cabinet minister.

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