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Gender Male
Word/name Germanic
Meaning "peaceful ruler"
Other names
Related names Friedrich, Frederick

Fredrik is derived from the Germanic name Friedrich or Friederich, from the Old High German fridu meaning "peace" and rîhhi meaning "ruler" or "power". It is the common form of Frederick in Norway, Finland and Sweden. The name means "peaceful ruler" The most common variant spelling of this name is Frederik, although the English spelling Frederick is more common than either. Fredrik replaced the Anglo-Saxon name Freodheric, and has been a rare first name in England since this time.

In Sweden, Fredrik first fell into usage in the 14th century, and became increasingly common after the 18th century. It is the 19th most popular male name in Sweden[1] and the 41st most popular in Norway.[2] It has a name day in Sweden, on July 18. Common diminutive forms include: Fred, Frillo, Fredde, Freddy and Rikke. The form Freddie is considered feminine by the British, diminutive of for instance Fredrika.[citation needed]

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