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Background information
OriginMalmö, Sweden
GenresIndie folk, baroque pop, folk rock, alternative rock, progressive rock, electronica, experimental
Occupation(s)Musicians, singer-songwriter
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, bass guitar, banjo, alto horn, piano, cello, clarinet, drums
Years active2008–2016
LabelsThe Kora Records, Biograf

Fredrik is a three piece indie band from Malmö, Sweden. Current members include Fredrik Hultin (voice, words, guitar, alto horn, piano), Ola Lindefelt (toms, mallets, cello, samples, voice, re-input electronics) and Anna Moberg (guitar, voice, analogue sound machinery).

Fredrik has released two albums starting with their debut in 2008, Na Na Ni,[1] which made them an instant critical success with Magnet Magazine and Stereogum featuring them as a Band to Watch[2] and brought them to the United States for the first time. Their second album Trilogi [3] came out in March 2010 which saw the band touring Europe and the eastern US, including a live performance on NPR. The third album Flora (album) [4] was released 29 March 2011. Their music features sounds ranging from folk to electronica to symphonic instrumentation. All of their songs have been recorded in their private garden studio. The band has produced some multiple music videos for each release, many featuring stop-motion. Their music has been featured on several major network television programs. The song Chrome Cavities is used in the Kopparbergs Brewery un-established advertising campaign.

Na Na Ni[edit]

Released in November 2008, Fredrik's Na Na Ni captures the spirit of classic storybook drama through a unique brand of experimental pop. The album features guitars, words, voice and accordion by Fredrik and bells, drums, cello and electronics by Lindefelt. Some of the peaks of the debut evoke a very primal feeling of being ten years old again, lost in a dark, threatening forest with only a faint, humming voice leading you to safety. But apart from sheer escapism the music carries a considerable emotional heft. Themes of light versus darkness, good versus evil as well as coming-of-age and seasonal changes are painted in rough but colorful strokes, leaving just enough room for the listener to fill in the blanks. The lyrics and vocal expression, although sketchy and subdued, also manage to punctuate the episodes of the record with remarkable clarity.


Their second album, Trilogi picks up right where their debut ended. The collection of 3 self-released EP's showcases Fredrik Hultin's smoothly volatile voice and earnest northern European folk compositions sit indistinguishably on top of Lindefelt's brushed, shadowy rhythms and trademark electronica-before-electricity washes of sound. However, in addition to the nylon-string guitars, the humming, the howling, the music boxes and the assortment of bells we've come to expect from the Fredrik sound, the duo also brought in more horns and strings as well as substantial noise and drone elements into the music.



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