Fredrik Johansson (musician)

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Fredrik Johansson
Origin Gothenburg, Sweden
Genres Alternative metal, Death metal, Melodic death metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar
Labels Gun Records/Sony BMG
Associated acts Dark Tranquillity

Fredrik Johansson is a former member of melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity for almost six years.[1] He joined in 1993 after the band's vocalist at the time, Anders Fridén, left the band and their rhythm guitarist Mikael Stanne took the vocalist role to solely focus on it, leaving an empty rhythm guitarist spot, which Fredrik took. Prior to the release of Projector in 1999, he was asked to leave Dark Tranquility due to a lack of commitment to the band, stemming that he wanted to become a family man.

There is a common misconception of him based on a shared name with another Swedish session guitarist from All Ends, who was actually the one to perform lead guitar on the In Flames song "December Flower" from the album The Jester Race and was once a member who played in Dimension Zero in 1997. [1].


Dark Tranquillity[edit]


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