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Christian Fredrik Monsen (27 April 1878 – 31 January 1954) was a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party and the Communist Party.

He was born in Kristiania as a son of Ludvig Monsen (1854–1942) and Josefine Aurora Marcelie Dehn (1852–1942).[1]

Monsen edited the newspaper Demokraten from 1913 to 1916 and was a member of Hamar city council from 1907 to 1945, serving as mayor in 1916–1919. He was elected to the Parliament of Norway from the Market towns of Hedmark and Oppland counties in 1922, and was re-elected on six occasions. He represented the Labour Party, except for the term 1925–1927 when he represented the Communist Party. During his last term, from December 10, 1945 to January 10, 1949, he was the President of the Storting.[2] Already before the 1945 election, when the old Parliament was convened, Monsen was installed in the Presidium as the Labour Party dropped their former member of the presidium Magnus Nilssen.[3]

Monsen headed the Ministry of Defence during the short-lived Hornsrud's Cabinet in 1928 and then during Nygaardsvold's Cabinet. Unsusually for a Minister of Defence, Monsen was an antimilitarist and wrote three anti-militarist pamphlets (Sannheten om militærvesenet, Avvæbning eller militarisme and Militært vanvidd eller civil fornuft).[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Ingolf Elster Christensen
Norwegian Minister of Defence
January 1928–February 1928
Succeeded by
Torgeir Anderssen-Rysst
Preceded by
Jens Isak de Lange Kobro
Norwegian Minister of Defence
(Oscar Torp acting 1935–1936)
Succeeded by
Birger Ljungberg
Preceded by
Carl Joachim Hambro
President of the Storting
Succeeded by
Gustav Natvig-Pedersen