Fredrik Neij

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Fredrik Neij
Born (1978-04-27) April 27, 1978 (age 37)
Nationality Swedish
Other names TiAMO
Known for Co-founder of The Pirate Bay who was convicted of copyright infringement

Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij (born 27 April 1978) alias TiAMO[1] is the co-founder of The Pirate Bay, BitTorrent website. Neij was one of the defendants in The Pirate Bay Trial which began on 16 February 2009. He and other operators of The Pirate Bay were charged with assisting users in copyright infringing practices.[2]

Legal Issues[edit]

On 17 April 2009, Neij was found guilty. He was sentenced to one year in prison and ordered to pay damages of $905,000.[3]

In November 2014, Neij was arrested in Nong Khai on an Interpol warrant while attempting to cross the border from Laos to Thailand.[1][4] Thai authorities stated that a US-based film association had a Thai lawyer to search for Neij and aid in his capture. During his 3 years in Laos, he had reportedly crossed the border almost 30 times into Thailand, where he had a home on the resort island of Phuket.[5] BayFiles, a Pirate Bay-affiliated file hosting website registered under Neij's name, was abruptly shut down after the arrest.[6]

Neij served two thirds (200 days) of a 10 months sentence in Skänninge Prison in central Sweden.[6][7] He was released on 1 June 2015 and is planning to settle in Laos and work with IT.[8][9]


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