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For other uses, see Free will (disambiguation).
Founded 1986
Founder Hiroshi Tomioka
Status Active
Distributor(s) In Japan:Avex Group, Sony Music Entertainment Japan, King Records, Tokuma Japan Communications, Pony Canyon
In Europe:Gan-Shin, CLJ Records, Universal Music Group
Genre Rock, punk, metal
Country of origin Japan
Location Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo
Official website

Free-Will (フリーウィル?) is a Japanese independent record label founded in 1986 by Color vocalist Hiroshi "Dynamite Tommy" Tomioka, with branches predominantly in Japan and the United States, as well as previously in Europe.[1] It also continues to co-manage many of its artists after they have signed recording contracts with a major record label. Free-Will along with Extasy Records are credited with helping to spread the visual kei movement.[2] Free-Will also produced the 2001 anime adaptation of the long running manga series Grappler Baki.


The company operates several sub-divisions, some of them for a single band or purpose only. For example, Firewall Div. solely handles material which is released in collaboration with Sony Music.

Under Sony Music[edit]

Under King Records[edit]

  • PS CompanyKra
    • Indie PSC – Born
  • S'CubeBaroque, Eile de Mu, Puppet Mammy, Ruvie, Tokyo Michael, Cooky

Under Tokuma Japan Communications[edit]

Under Avex Group[edit]

Bands or Solo artists managed directly[edit]



On September 14, 2007, the label's founder Hiroshi "Dynamite Tommy" Tomioka was arrested, along with fellow Free-Will official Kazunori Murasaki and Koichi Kaku, a former employee of the Asatsu-DK advertising agency. The trio is accused of defrauding Asatsu-DK of 324 million yen (approximately US$ 2.8 million) by placing false orders for materials for Dir en grey. Kaku has since confessed to the charges, while Tomioka denied any involvement.[3][4][5]


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