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Free-standing Mathematics Qualifications (FSMQ) are a suite of mathematical qualifications available at levels 1 to 3 in the National Qualifications Framework – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

Educational standard[edit]

They bridge a gap between GCSE and AS-Level Mathematics and are especially ideal for pupils who have taken their Maths GCSE a year early.

An FSMQ Unit at Advanced level is roughly equivalent to a single AS module with candidates receiving 20 UCAS points for an A grade. Intermediate level is equivalent to a GCSE in Mathematics. Coursework is often a key part of the FSMQ, but is sometimes omitted depending on the examining board.

Exam boards[edit]

The examining boards currently offering FSMQs are OCR and AQA.

Edexcel withdrew the qualification, the last exam being held in June 2004.


  • Additional Mathematics/AdMaths (OCR) (No coursework)


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