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FreeNetWorld is a film festival held annually in Niš, Niš Fortress, Serbia.



  • The best experimental film of the FNW fest 2012: HAIR – Joao Seica (UK)
  • The best animated film of the FNW fest 2012: Howl – Natalie Bettelheim & Sharon Michaeli (ISRAEL)
  • The best documentary film of the FNW fest 2012: Bremec – Svetlana Dramlic (SLOVENIA)
  • The best fiction film of the FNW fest 2012: 4”13 to KATOWIC – Andrzej Stopa (POLAND)
  • THE BEST FILM OF THE FESTIVAL - FNW AWARD: Ludzie Normalni - Piotr Zlotorowicz (POLAND)


  • FNW Audience award is Dulce by Iván Ruiz Flores.
  • The best FNW documentary film is: Machine man by Roser Corella and Alfonso Moral
  • The best FNW fiction film is: The Piano by Levon Minasian
  • The best FNW animation film is: Amar by Isabel Herguera
  • The best experimental film is: Das Heimweh der Feldforscher by Markus Kaatsch
  • The best FNW film is: Porque hay cosas que nunca se olvidan by Lucas M. Figueroa


  • special jury award: Ahate pasa - Koldo Almandoz, Spain
  • The best fiction: Zwischen licht und schaten– Fabian Giessler, Germany
  • The best experimental film: Goodbye Mrs. Ant– Rick Niebe, Italy
  • The best documentary film: Dirty Martini - Iban del Campo, Spain
  • The best animated film: The Piece - Goran Radovanovanovic, Serbia
  • The best FNW film award: ONA- Pau Camarasa, Spain
  • Audience award: 5 recuerdos (fiction)- Oriana Alcaine Alejandra Márquez, Spain


  • The best documentary film: Asamara - Jon Garaño and Raul Lopez, Spain
  • The best animated film: Solitude - Mehrdad Sheikhan,Iran
  • The best fiction: So deep in your room - Jacob Mendel, USA
  • The best music video: After lie - Velibor Stanojevic and Miodrag Ignjatovic, Serbia
  • The most technically innovative film award: The tale of little puppetboy - Johannes Nyholm,Sweden
  • The best FNW film award: Asamara - Jon Garaño and Raul Lopez,Spain
  • Audience award: Maiden's well (Serbian: Devojački bunar) - Marko Backovic, Serbia


Open Movie Award: David Jakubovic - Joined at the Head, USA

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