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The Free North Korea Radio (Hangul자유북한방송; RRJayu Bukhan Bangsong) is an independent radio broadcaster based in Seoul, South Korea.[1] The station is run primarily by North Korean refugees and defectors and frequently broadcasts short-wave transmissions of information critical of the Government of North Korea to the general population inside North Korea. The radio was established by Kim Seong-min, an ex-DPRK military monitor for foreign broadcasts, who was influenced by the foreign broadcasts that he monitored and defected from the DPRK in 1996. Free North Korea Radio started broadcasting from Seoul in 2004. [2]

Free North Korea Radio staff have been assaulted repeatedly by South Korean extremist groups who support the North Korean regime or fear the destabilizing effect of their broadcasts. The Free North Korea Radio had to relocate to the outskirts of Seoul in 2005. [2]

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