Free Presbyterian Church (Australia)

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The Free Presbyterian Church Of Australia
Port Lincoln, Australia

The Free Presbyterian Church Of Australia is a denomination which currently consists of four congregations in fellowship with the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. There are congregations in Port Lincoln, Perth, Lock and Tasmania.


The Free Presbyterian Church of Australia began in Port Lincoln under the ministry of Rev. Fred Buick on 1 January 1978 in the home of a Mrs. Elizabeth Feltus. Under the ministry of Rev. Buick and the subsequent lengthy ministry of Rev. Michael Patrick the church progressed and a permanent church building for the congregation was found and purchased.

Another worship service was added, a weekly bible study and prayer meeting was established, and a Friday night youth work. In time the work extended northward to the small bush town of Lock, to Perth in Western Australia and to Tasmania.


The church is Presbyterian in doctrine and government, though it departs from the usual Presbyterian policy by recognising that baptism is variously understood by others equally committed to Scripture. It is Protestant in its faith, identifying with the Protestant Reformation. In theology the church is reformed. It sees itself standing in the tradition of John Calvin, John Knox, the Puritans and many revival preachers. The church is evangelistic, seeking to “preach the gospel to every creature”. Emphasis is placed upon the necessity of prayer in the life of the individual and church.

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