Free Ride (TV series)

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Free Ride
Also known as Freebirds
Created by Rob Roy Thomas
Starring Josh Dean
Erin Cahill
Dave Sheridan
Allan Havey
Loretta Fox
Dan Wells
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Running time 21-22 minutes
Original network Fox
Original release March 1 – April 9, 2006 (2006-04-09)

Free Ride is a Fox partially improvised sitcom starring Josh Dean as "Nate Stahlings", a recent college graduate re-adjusting to life at home with his parents in Johnson City, Missouri. The pilot episode aired on March 1, 2006.

Fox canceled the series after just 6 episodes.


Episode guide[edit]

Season 1: 2006[edit]

This seasons viewer count was 7.1 million viewers.

Episode Production Title Airdate Original # Viewers Description
01 1SAB01 "Missouri Loves Company" March 1, 2006 14.4 million Nate Stahlings decides to move home after graduating from college, but finds surprises: his parents are now in therapy, his old room has been changed into his parents' gym, and could that strange guy at Kash Kutters become his new best friend?
02 1SAB03 "Up the Aunty" March 12, 2006 5.51 Million Nate gets a job at a themed restaurant and then, with his co-worker, goes out on a double date with Dove and a family friend.
03 1SAB04 "Colon Blow to the Head" March 19, 2006 5.37 Million When Nate takes his dad to the hospital for a routine colonoscopy, the exam becomes a life-endangering ordeal for Bob and Margo.
04 1SAB02 "Procrasti-Nating" March 26, 2006 4.89 Million Forced by his parents to stop partying with Dove all night and get a job, Nate finds work at a construction site, but then goes berserk when he finds out the site is the future home of his crush Amber and her fiance Steve.
05 1SAB05 "Amber Alert" April 2, 2006 4.23 Million Nate believes he finally found a way to get closer to Amber when he begins a friendship with her brother. Also, Nate's friend Dove enters a freestyle fighting tournament with only internet karate training.
06 1SAB06 "Who Let the Nate Dog Out" April 9, 2006 4.88 Million In the series finale, Nate's future is put at risk when he decides to help Amber look for her cat instead of going to his job interview in Kansas City. Also, Nate's parents have an odd way of making their marriage work.

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