Free Social Constitutional Party

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Free Social Constitutional Party
Al-Hizb Al-Distouri
الحزب الدستوري الاجتماعي الحر
Chairman Mamdouh Qenawi
Founded 2004
Headquarters Cairo
Ideology Liberal democracy
Liberal socialism
National affiliation Social Justice coalition[1]
House of Representatives
0 / 568

The Free Social Constitutional Party or Al-Hizb Al-Distouri (Arabic: الحزب الدستوري الاجتماعي الحر‎‎) is a political party in Egypt. The Free Social Constitutional Party might be considered as a liberal democratic and a liberal socialist party.


  • Drafting a new Constitution.
  • Reforming education.
  • Reforming the health sector.
  • Creating a favorable investment atmosphere, ensuring swift justice, eliminating red tape, reducing taxes and providing high-quality services.
  • Supervising the State Budget
  • Approving the appointment of senior State officials by the People's Assembly.
  • Establishing a poor bank.

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