Free Union (anarchist organisation)

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Free Union
Vrije Bond
Founded 1990
Split from Business organisation Collective Sector (BCS), Independent Union of Business Organisations (OVB)[1]
Ideology Anarchism
Political position Far-Left
Colours Red Black

The Free Union[2] or Free League[3] (Dutch: Vrije Bond) is a minor anarchist organisation in the Netherlands and Flanders that was founded in 1990.[4]


The Free Union is an anarchist organisation and aims at the abolition of social classes, borders, the state, and other social relations they deem oppressive. The Free Union advocates equality between people, the autonomy of the individual, and self-management and self-governance. Additionally, the Free Union is an ecological organisation and advocates a "good environment and vital nature." [5]

The Free Union is an internationalist organisation.


The Free Union is based on equal participation and consequently every member is allowed to participate in the decision-making process. The Free Union consists of individual members and constituent autonomous groups.

The Free Union was an observer member of the International of Anarchist Federations. The Free Union cooperates, maintains relations with, or operates alongside various other far-left grassroots organisations such as the Anarcho-Syndicalist Union (ASB), Doorbraak (Breakthrough), the International Communist Current, the Union of Polish Syndicalists[6] and the German Free Workers' Union,[7] as well as occasionally the International Socialists despite an ambivalent relation.


The Free Union uses direct action to further their goals. The Free Union is involved in issues such as ecology, migration, and workplace conflicts.[6][8]

It publishes a periodical called Buiten de Orde (Outside the Order).[4]