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Universidad Libre
Motto "Scientia Fons Libertatis"
Type Private, Coeducational
Established 1923
Location Bogota,, Colombia
Campus Urban
Website [1]

Universidad Libre is a university in Colombia initially founded under the name of Universidad Republicana in Bogota during the 19th Century. Since the original intention of this program was to offer the space for unbiased learning during a radical political period in the country, the proper translation would be Freedom University because it promotes the liberty of expression and political thoughts.


In 1910, Universidad Republicana went through terrible economic mishaps. A group of investors determined to save the institution led by Don Eugenio Lopez, proceeded to try to amass the necessary funds to keep the institution alive. On April 13, 1912 Universidad Republicana S.A. was constituted as a society but its commercial name was Universidad libre. In 1913 after many legal battles Universidad Libre became an independent entity from Unversidad Republicana.

Now constituted as a separate entity Universidad Libre was facing again economic issues, with many of the contributors withdrawing their funds. Cesar J. Rodriguez was in charged of the dawning task of yet again raising capital for the institution. Mr. Rodriguez himself hired the seasoned and charismatic leader Benjamin Herrera as head of the project. Mr Herrera was in charged of Universidad Libre until 1921 when he ran an unsuccessful presidential campaign against Pedronel Ospina. The defeated Mr Herrera finally in 1922 raised the desired amount of capital and Julio Cesar Rodriguez announced on March 29, 1922 the beginning of activities.

It was not until February 13, 1923 that Universidad Libre actually started classes, in the first faculty dedicated to Law and science


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