Freebird Games

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Freebird Games
Industry Video Games
Founded 2007
Headquarters Canada
Products To the Moon (PC)

Freebird Games is a video game company run by Kan Gao.[1] They have developed 5 games, the most notable being To the Moon and A Bird Story. To the Moon was nominated for Best Writing and Innovation Award for the Canadian Videogame Awards.[2]


Release date Title Platforms Refs
2006-09 Quintessence: The Blighted Venom Microsoft Windows [3]
2008 Do You Remember My Lullaby? Microsoft Windows [4]
2011 The Mirror Lied Microsoft Windows [5]
2011 To the Moon Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux [6]
2014 A Bird Story Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux [7]
2017 Finding Paradise Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux [8]

Finding Paradise[edit]

Finding Paradise is an upcoming video game and is the sequel to To the Moon.[8] In it, you play as the same protagonist as in A Bird Story but the developers say it's unnecessary to play that game before this one. It was announced in January 2016, with its release date being set for the middle of 2017.[9] Like the other games, Finding Paradise is being built using RPG Maker.[10]


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