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For the EP by Angra, see Freedom Call (EP).
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Freedom Call
Freedom Call 2011.jpg
Freedom Call performing in Germany on 11 September 2011
Background information
Origin Nuremberg, Germany
Genres Power metal
Years active 1998 – present
Labels SPV / Steamhammer
Associated acts Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Lanzer, Primal Fear, Onix, Sinner
Members Chris Bay
Rami Ali
Lars Rettkowitz
Ilker Ersin
Past members Dan Zimmermann
Sascha Gerstner
Cédric "Cede" Dupont
Nils Neumann
Armin Donderer
Samy Saemann
Klaus Sperling

Freedom Call is a German power metal band formed in 1998.[1]


Freedom Call was formed in 1998 by old friends Chris Bay and Daniel Zimmermann during an off-period for the latter's main band, Gamma Ray. The two had started writing songs together towards the end of 1997. [2] They eventually completed a six-song demo Freedom Call with well-known producer Charlie Bauerfeind, who offered the tape to several record companies.

At the same time, the Freedom Call line up was completed by Ilker Ersin on bass guitar and Sascha Gerstner on guitar. Chris and Dan had seen Sascha in 1998 playing in a cover band. Ilker and Chris had played together in the band Moon Doc for some years.

Freedom Call's debut album, Stairway to Fairyland was released in early 1999, and on 25 May 1999 Freedom Call made their live debut during a tour of France as support band for Angra and Edguy. At the end of August, Freedom Call commenced recording of the five-track mini LP "Taragon". This featured new songs, a cover version of Ultravox's "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes", a new version of "Stairway to Fairyland", a new version of "Tears of Taragon" with Biff Byford, singer with Saxon narrating the "Tale of Taragon" on it. There was also a bonus track for Japan called "Kingdom Come".

By the end of 1999, Freedom Call had entered the studio again to record their second album "Crystal Empire", this released in late 2000.

In March 2001 Sascha Gerstner left Freedom Call and he would later join Helloween). Gerstner was eventually replaced by Cédric "Cede" Dupont, the Swiss guitarist of Symphorce.[1]

In the middle of January 2002 the new formation of the band began recording their new album called "Eternity." Dan and Chris produced the album on their own this time as Charlie Bauerfeind was not available at the time. He was, however, responsible for the drum recordings and the final mix.

Later that year, they were invited on tour with Blind Guardian. During this tour they recorded the live album, "Live Invasion" together with Charlie Bauerfeind in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Munich.

The keyboard player used on this tour, Nils Neumann, was soon invited to become the fifth member of the band. After an extended break, the next album The Circle of Life was recorded at Hansen Studio, Hamburg and FC Studios, Nuremberg from August to October 2004, and released in March 2005.

Shortly after the release, both Cédric "Cede" Dupont and Ilker Ersin decided to leave Freedom Call (independently of each other).[1] Replacements were eventually announced in the respective form of the unknown Lars Rettkowitz and Armin Donderer, formerly of Paradox.

A new album with the title "Dimensions" was released on 23 April 2007 and, according to Dan Zimmermann, sounds closer to the Eternity album than its more experimental successor. [1] The songs "The Wanderer" and "Dimensions" were also used in the online rhythm game "Flash Flash Revolution"

In March 2009, the band announced that they were putting the finishing touches to a new album, "Legend of the Shadowking", and that they had parted ways with bassist Armin Donderer, who would be replaced by Samy Saemann.[3]

Also Dan Zimmerman announced that he would be replaced by Klaus Sperling for the 2010 touring cycle as he would be on the road with Gamma Ray during this period. It has later been confirmed on the band's homepage that Zimmermann officially has left the band. He is currently listed as a former member.

Chris Bay has announced that the band is working on another album to be released sometime in February 2012. It was announced in September 2011, that the title of the upcoming album is "Land of the Crimson Dawn." The album was released 24 February 2012.

The band announced on 15 September 2013 that they are working on a new album, "Beyond", with a new lineup. Ilker Ersin returned to the band to resume Bass duties after some years away and a new drummer has been welcomed, Ramy Ali.

A music video was filmed on 15 December 2013 for the song "Union of the Strong". The shoot took place in the vicinity of Nuremberg and Franconia, the song was taken from the album "Beyond" that was released on Friday 21 February 2014.

In May 2015 Freedom Call released 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity, a reissued edition of their 2002 studio album Eternity. As the title suggests, 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity was released 666 weeks after the release of the original album. The re-issue is a two disc set featuring the original Eternity album which has been remastered, plus it includes some bonus content on the second disc including live tracks, acoustic tracks, special versions of their songs, as well as a new song written exclusively for this release.[4]


  • Chris Bay – Vocals & Guitar (1998–present)
  • Ilker Ersin – Bass (1998–2005, 2013–present)
  • Lars Rettkowitz – Guitar (2005–present)
  • Ramy Ali – Drums (2013–present)

Former Members[edit]

  • Sascha Gerstner – Guitar (1998–2001)
  • Cédric "Cede" Dupont – Guitar (2001–2005)
  • Armin Donderer – Bass (2005–2009)
  • Samy Saemann – Bass (2009–2013)
  • Dan Zimmermann – Drums (1998–2010)
  • Klaus Sperling – Drums (2010–2013)
  • Nils Neumann – Keyboards (2003–2006)



Live albums[edit]



  • Freedom Call demo (1998)


  • Taragon (1999)
  • Silent Empire (Acoustic EP) (2001)
  • Eternity (2002)
  • Blackened Sun (2007)
  • Mr. Evil / Innocent World (2007)
  • Zauber der Nacht(2010)
  • Rockin' Radio (2012)
  • Power & Glory (2012)
  • Union Of The Strong (2014)


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