Freedom County, Washington

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Freedom County is a secessionist portion of Snohomish County, Washington, United States declared to exist as of April 23, 1995.[by whom?] Its existence has not been recognized by Snohomish County, the state of Washington, or the federal government. The "county seat" is Arlington, Washington.

Claiming frustration at what they believed to be a corrupt Snohomish County government, on April 23, 1995, the Freedom County commissioners submitted to the Washington Secretary of State a petition with 12,679 signatures calling for the secession of the northern half of Snohomish County, excluding Marysville and the Tulalip Indian reservation. On the state constitutional basis that only the legislature can create a new county, and that it cannot be compelled to do so by petition, the government refused to act, and Freedom County remains unrecognized.