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Created in 2008, Freedom hosting at its height in August 2013 was the largest Tor specialist web hosting service.[1]

In 2011 Anonymous launched 'Operation Darknet', an anti-child pornography effort against activities on the dark web. One of the largest sites, Lolita City, hosted by Freedom Hosting, was DDOSed, and later had its member list leaked following a SQL injection attack, as was The Hidden Wiki which linked to it.[2]

In August 2013, it was discovered that the Firefox browsers in many older versions of the Tor Browser Bundle were vulnerable to a JavaScript attack, as NoScript was not enabled by default.[3] This attack was being exploited to send users' MAC and IP addresses and Windows computer names to the attackers.[4][5][6] News reports linked this to a United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operation targeting Freedom Hosting's owner, Eric Eoin Marques, who was arrested on a provisional extradition warrant issued by a United States court on 29 July. The FBI is seeking to extradite Marques out of Ireland to Maryland on four charges — distributing, conspiring to distribute, and advertising child pornography — as well as aiding and abetting advertising of child pornography. The warrant alleges that Marques is "the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet".[7][8] His attorneys are fighting his extradition on the grounds that he suffers from Asperger syndrome.[9]

The FBI acknowledged the attack in a 12 September 2013 court filing in Dublin;[10] further technical details from a training presentation leaked by Edward Snowden showed that the codename for the exploit was EgotisticalGiraffe.[11]

Notable hosted sites[edit]


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