Freedom Party (Indonesia)

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Freedom Party
Partai Merdeka
Chairman Rosmawi Hasan
Secretary-General Ahmad Muzani
Founded 10 October 2002
Headquarters Jakarta
Ideology Pancasila &
1945 Constitution
Ballot number 41
Presidential candidate Megawati Sukarnoputri
DPR Seats 0
Partai Merdeka

The Freedom Party (Indonesian: Partai Merdeka) is a political party in Indonesia. It was established in 2002 as a reaction to the disappointment felt by several economic activists to the failure of the new Indonesian parties established after the end of the New Order regime to make meaningful changes to the political system. Rather than fighting for political aims, the party focus is on bringing about a people's economy. The three main principles of the party are nationhood, rule by the people and independence.

In the 2004 legislative election, the party won 0.7% of the popular vote and no seats. After initially failing to qualify, following a lawsuit it contested the 2009 elections, but came last, winning only 0.11% of the popular vote, from the electoral threshold of 2.50% and for the second time, no seats. [1][2][3]


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