Freedom Party (Slovakia)

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Freedom Party
Strana slobody
Founded March 1946
Dissolved 1990
Headquarters Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
Ideology Conservatism
Political position

Centre-right (1946-1948)

Left-wing (1948-1989)
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The Freedom Party (Strana slobody) originally Christian-Republican Party (Kresťansko-republikánska strana) was a political party in Slovakia.

It was founded by some members of the Democratic Party in March 1946 as a party mainly for Catholics. Its aim was to present an alternative of “Christian, progressive and pro-Czechoslovak″ politics to the Democratic Party [1]. The Freedom Party was led by Vavro Šrobár and won 3 seats in the Czechoslovak parliament in the 1946 election.

When the Communists took power in Czechoslovakia in February 1948, the party joined the National Front. Its newspaper was called "Sloboda" (Freedom).

After the Velvet Revolution, in 1990, the party adopted a new, Christian programme, but remained without any importance in Slovak politics.

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