Freedom Requires Wings

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Freedom Requires Wings
Freedom Requires Wings.png
Freedom Requires Wings's logo
Abbreviation FRW
Formation June 19, 2011 (2011-06-19)
Headquarters Bordeaux, France
Region served
Official language

Freedom Requires Wings[1] is an international LGBTQIA collaboration blog founded in June 2011.

The blog covers breaking news, opinion and analysis columns, and provides support and advice for youth who are questioning their sexual orientation. Posts cover gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and asexual topics and are written by everyday LGBT and asexual people as well as freelance journalists. The blog also features interviews with members of the LGBT community.

The site is totally non-profit and all expenses are paid for by its authors. All authors on the blog are volunteers and are not paid for their contribution to the archives. The blog covers subjects that are important to members of the LGBT community, and authors talk from their personal experiences from reactions to their coming out,[2] to going to gay pride as an asexual.[3]

Freedom Requires Wings is also one of the three official media partners of the Harvey Milk Foundation for Harvey Milk Day,[4] and is an official partner of AVEN for asexual awareness week.[5] The blog also works closely with the founder of

Posts have featured on Towleroad,[6] SourceFed,[7], as well as many other notable LGBT news sources.

The site and its social network pages are designed by Pixxies Design, a small graphic design company based in Bordeaux, France. All posts are covered by a Creative Commons license.[8]