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Freehand is an Australian Television production and content creation company, founded in 2004 by John Gregory, Peter Abbott and Chris O’Mara.

Since its inception, Freehand has delivered content, including light and factual entertainment, observational documentary, specials and children’s television.

Production credits include Planet Cake (Lifestyle Food), Matt Wright: Outback Wrangler (National Geographic Channel), Freshwater Blue (MTV), Top Gear Australia (moving from SBS to Nine Network in 2010), Dancing with the Stars (Seven Network), Bush Slam (ABC), Costa's Garden Odyssey (SBS), Missing Persons Unit (Nine Network), An Audience with Michael Parkinson (UKTV) and One Small Step: The Australian Story (BBC Knowledge and BBC HD).

In 2008, Freehand joined forces with Blink Films to produce the children’s program Escape from Scorpion Island (ABC) and together were successful in securing the inaugural commission for CBeebies Australia with the magical show for pre-schoolers, Penelope K, by the way.

In 2010 Freehand supported Darius Devas in the creation of the first exclusively ‘online’ documentary for SBS, Goa Hippy Tribe. This project set out to redefine program making by inviting an interested audience to participate in the ‘community’ of the idea, uploading their own writing, images and videos to Devas’ Facebook site.

As early as 2005, Freehand was delivering multi-platform content to 3 Mobile and Yahoo Australia & New Zealand for their show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (Network Ten) and in 2007 produced a digital version of their hit show Celebrity Dog School for the new channel Ten Digital. In 2009, Freehand published their first book, Bush Slam – Poems from the ABC TV Series.

Production credits[edit]

Some Say Love - Pilot (UKTV)
Planet Cake (Lifestyle Food)
Matt Wright: Outback Wrangler (National Geographic Channel)
Freshwater Blue (MTV)
Goa Hippy Tribe (SBS)
Penelope K, by the way (CBeebies)
Costa's Arnhem Land Odyssey (SBS)
Costa's Garden Odyssey Series 1 and 2 (SBS)
Bush Slam (ABC)
One Small Step (BBC Knowledge)
An Audience with Michael Parkinson (UKTV)
The Nest Series 1 and 2 (SBS).[1]
Escape from Scorpion Island Series 2 - 5 (with RDF for ABC and BBC)
Top Gear Australia Series 1 and 2 (BBC Worldwide and SBS) Series 3 (BBC Worldwide and Nine Network)[2]
Dancing with the Stars (Seven Network)
Missing Persons Unit Series 1 - 5 (Nine Network)[3]
Great Australian Homes (How To Channel)
Owner Builder (How To Channel)
Outback Wildlife Rescue (Seven Network and BBC Worldwide)
The Great BBQ Challenge (XYZ Lifestyle Food)[4]
The 2005 and 2006 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards[5]
Honey, We're Killing the Kids (Ten Network and BBC Worldwide)[6]
Skating On Thin Ice (Nine Network)
My Restaurant Rules (Seven Network)
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (Ten Network)[7]
Queer Eye exclusive mobile content (3)

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