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Commenced operations1973
Ceased operations1974
Fleet size1 Douglas DC-8; 1 Convair 880
DestinationsNewark Liberty International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport
Company sloganNot-For-Profit

Freelandia was a low-cost airline travel charter company owned by founder Kenneth Moss that operated in 1973 and the beginning of 1974. Freelandia also functioned as a travel club, for an initial fee of $25 club members were eligible for fares as low as $87 to fly between Newark and Los Angeles. It flew two aircraft, an ex-United DC-8-21 which was painted entirely in a semi-dark yellow with a waving hand as its logo on the tail and a Convair 880. Their philosophy expressed itself in their slogan "Not-For-Profit" and its in-flight service which offered natural food and a waterbed. Operations ended within a year of its creation amid the 1973 oil crisis.

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