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Original author(s)Russ Nelson
Stable release
1.6G / 1999; 21 years ago (1999)
Operating systemMS-DOS, FreeDOS
TypeText editor

Freemacs is a small, programmable computer text editor for MS-DOS with some degree of compatibility with GNU Emacs.[1] Written by Russ Nelson and later maintained by Jim Hall,[2] Freemacs is currently distributed under the GPL in the FreeDOS project.[2]

Freemacs' executable binary, in the current 1.6 version, is only ~21k in size. Most features are implemented in MINT (Mint Is Not Trac),[1] whose role is akin to that of Emacs Lisp as used by other implementations of Emacs.

The most recent version of Freemacs is 1.6G, released in 1999.[3]


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