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Freeman H. Hubbard (21 April 1894 – August 1981) was an American writer known for his articles and books about railroads. He was editor of the Railroad Man's Magazine for 12 years. He wrote widely about railroad history, legend and lore, including famous personalities such as Casey Jones, John Henry, Jesse James and Kate Shelley. He was Secretary of the American Association of Cartoonists and Caricaturists.[1] He was born and died in New York City.

Selected works[edit]

  • Encyclopedia of North American Railroading: 150 Years of Railroading in the United States and Canada. (1981)
  • Great Days of the Circus. With Leonard V. Farley. (1962)
  • Great Trains of All Time. Illustrated by Herb Mott. (1962)
  • Railroad avenue: Great Stories and Legends of American Railroading. (1945)
  • Roundhouse Cat and Other Railroad Animals. Illustrated by Kurt Wiese. (1951)
  • The Railroad Caboose: Its 100-year History, Legend, and Lore. With William F. Knapke. (1968)
  • The Train That Never Came Back, and Other Railroad Stories. Illustrated by Kurt Wiese. (1952) Later republished in an abridged form as The Phantom Brakeman and Other Railroad Stories by Scholastic Book Services. (1966)
  • Vinnie Ream and Mr. Lincoln. (1949)


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