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Freesouls cover.jpg
Original cover
Author Joi Ito
Country United States
Language English
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback
Pages 200
ISBN 0982029128

FREESOULS: Captured and Released by Joi Ito is a book by Joi Ito featuring 296 photographic portraits of members of the free culture movement. The project began in 2007 as way for Ito to freely distribute, through a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY), quality photos of the free culture community without the hindrance of copyright or permission.[1][2] Freesouls also includes eight essays by major figures in the free culture movement, including Howard Rheingold, Lawrence Liang, Cory Doctorow, Isaac Mao, Christopher Adams, Yochai Benkler, Marko Ahtisaari, and a foreword by Lawrence Lessig. Isaac Mao's essay, "Sharism: A Mind Revolution", introduces Sharism for the first time.

The book was published in three editions, as a box set in an edition of 50, a soft-cover book in a print run of 1024, and a regular release.[3] It was edited by Christopher Adams and Sophie Chang.

There is rumour of a Freesouls 2.[4][needs update]

Essay Content[edit]

  1. Lawrence Lessig: Foreword by Lawrence Lessig
  2. Christopher Adams[disambiguation needed]: Share this book
  3. Joi Ito: Just another free soul
  4. Howard Rheingold: Participative Pedagogy for a Literacy of Literacies
  5. Lawrence Liang: Free as in Soul: The Anti-image Politics of Copyright
  6. Cory Doctorow: You Can't Own Knowledge
  7. Yochai Benkler: Complexity and Humanity
  8. Isaac Mao: Sharism: A Mind Revolution
  9. Marko Ahtisaari: Intelligent Travel


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