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Scooter Contest Vienna 2014

Freestyle scootering (also known as scootering, scooter riding, or simply riding) is an extreme sport that involves using stunt scooters to perform freestyle tricks that are similar to bicycle motocross (BMX) and skateboarding. [1][2] Since the sport's inception in 1999, stunt scooters have significantly evolved. For example, the scooter company Razor shifted from only producing standard Razor A models to also making custom-built scooters and incorporating parts from other companies. As the sport grew, businesses and systems were created to support the growth of the scootering community. An example of an early support system is the Scooter Resource (SR) forums, which helped grow the scootering community by connecting people interested in scootering in 2006. As scootering became more popular, there was a demand for stronger aftermarket parts and for scooter shops to carry those parts.

In 2011, scootering competitions, organized by the International Scooter Association (ISA), [3] became a worldwide event.


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