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Freestyle skydiving is a competitive skydiving discipline where one member of a two-person team performs acrobatic manoeuvres in free fall while the other one films the performance from a close distance using a helmet mounted camera.[1][2]


The first ever international skydiving competition was help in 1990 and was directed by World Freestyle Federation. Till 1995 the sport gained much popularity across the world and had 62 teams from over 24 countries participating in this competition. This soon made way for World Cup of Skydiving in 1996. By 1997 freestyle skydiving making it to many World Games. Freestyle was first performed by Deanna Kent and others for her husband Norman Kent's 1989 film "From Wings Came Flight".[3] It became a competitive skydiving discipline in the early 1990s and became an official FAI sport in 1996.

Indoor Freestyle Skydiving[edit]

Over the years with evolution of technology indoor freestyle skydiving is slowly making it big too. Recently an 11 year old, Amy Watson from Dean Park made it into Guinness Book of World Records by completing 44,360 degree horizontal spins in one minute. [4]

In fact, now indoor skydiving is making its way to parties as a huge highlight to attract people. [5]


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