Freethiel Stadion

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Location Beveren, Belgium
Coordinates 51°12′51″N 4°14′38″E / 51.214139°N 4.243931°E / 51.214139; 4.243931Coordinates: 51°12′51″N 4°14′38″E / 51.214139°N 4.243931°E / 51.214139; 4.243931
Capacity 8,190
Surface Grass
Opened July 31, 1938 (1938-07-31)
Renovated 1949, 2008
Expanded 1967, 1972, 1974

Freethiel Stadion is a multi-use stadium in Beveren, Belgium. The whole complex includes 10 football fields and a fitness hall. It is currently used mostly for football matches, and is the home ground of Waasland-Beveren. The stadium's name (Freethiel) is a contraction of the name Frederik Thielemans, the man who owned a cycling-track in the Klapperstraat, but made it available to the football club when it was established. The stadium is located in the Klapperstraat in Beveren, and has a capacity of 8,190.[1]


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